Wiping The Slate Clean For Once & For All

Every marriage has its ups and downs. The old saying for better or for worse must have been put together by sober and wise minds, because it is so true, isn’t it. It may seem like wishful thinking, perhaps even cynics will wish to dive in at this point, it may even seem hopelessly na├»ve to believe that of all the good people that still get married these days, most of them are doing so out of love. And in later years, instead of just giving it all up and filing for divorce, many good folks try their best and stay the course.

wiping rags

Many people go in for marriage counseling, it can work. They also renew their wedding vows at important anniversary dates. Not a bad thing to be doing in this day and age. Speaking of which, it is said that the earth is in a rather poor state of health. Who knows how much longer it will last now that it is so filthy and polluted? Come on folks, time to get those wiping rags out to clean up the mess you have made.

Yes, you are all responsible. And no, no accusing or judgmental fingers are being pointed at you at this time. That’s part of enduring a good but trying marriage. You are prepared to acknowledge your faults. And then you do your utmost best to clean up what went wrong. It is now high time to renew the earth. The earth is, thankfully, a lot stronger than we would have imagined. It may well survive all the pollution.

But you won’t. And neither will your grandchildren. Be like your grandparents and start cleaning up the good old fashioned way, good and proper.

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