Types of Gun Holsters

If you own a gun and plan to carry concealed, you need a holster. There are a few options for holsters to choose from, each bringing their own pros and cons your way. It is ideal to look over the holster types to find the one most appropriate for your lifestyle and needs. The gun is so much more fun when the right holster is also there.

Some of the types of holsters that you can buy include:

Hip Holster

A hip holster is a popular type of holster that many people use. It fits snugly on the hip where it is easily accessible should you need the protection that it provides. There are both in-band and out of band styles available to choose from. Police officers and detectives commonly use the hip holster.

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is great to hold a second weapon but some people simply prefer the ankle location for their main handgun. Advantages of using this style concealer are numerous no matter what you reason for using it. This holster is also unique so you can certainly impress all the friends.

concealed weapons holster

Chest Holster

The chest holster is also available for use. This style is also popular with police officers and detectives but many others like to use it to because they say it is more comfortable than the other options. This holster fits over the chest and is usually used during undercover operations.

Final Thoughts

There are holsters to match your needs, no matter what those needs might be. Use the information above to help you choose the very best of the concealed weapons holster options around. These types of holsters are among the most popular styles that you can find available. Which is right for your needs?

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