Give Your Young Son A Good Pair Of Leather Shoes

boys leather shoes

Soon he will be a young man. He has all the makings. He has been on his best behavior. He does his homework at the earliest possible opportunity once he has arrived home from school. And he is quick to attend to all the chores around the house that need doing. He is such a decent chap, so much so, that he hardly asks for much. And on those rare occasions that you forget to pay him his weekend pocket money, he does not remind you of this slip.

He waits on you patiently. He is well-mannered at the dinner table and once the family meal is over, he is up in a flash to volunteer help in the kitchen. Dishes need to be cleared away, washed, dried and packed away. And then it is bedtime. He does not quibble and hang about, because he knows the values of a good night’s sleep for a young, growing boy. You can hardly blame him if he sometimes finds it difficult to sleep at night.

Perhaps he is quite excited about tomorrow’s soccer practice. He really wants to make the team. and even if he does not, you still support him. All and all, he is a really fine boy. Why not reward him with a fine pair of boys leather shoes? He really deserves it, does he not. And what about the rest of his attire? Surely a smart jacket and good pair of trousers to go with the completion of turning out a really fine gentleman.

Speaking of which, he waits his turn at the door. If your hands are full, he will open the door for you if he is around. He is the spit and polish image of a fine young man.

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